5 November 2015, London

Humans, Consumers, Customers and Users

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Ben Reason Livework

Session type: Workshop
Session duration: 90 minutes

About this Workshop

Experience and service design are trending. The tangible benefits that they bring to business are leading many firms and public bodies to making customer experience a priority. However, experience can mean many things, and the range of disciplines offering to help improve customer experience is growing. From CX (customer experience) to UX (user experience) plus SD (service design) – there are a number of ways to design, measure and improve experience.

Experience is important for challenges ranging from a detailed adjustment of a specific part of a service to a radical overhaul of the entire offering. Different models and approaches are required to address these disparate challenges and not get lost in confusion.

This workshop will introduce our Human, Consumer, Customer, User model and apply it to some live cases to give first hand experience of how to tackle the experience challenge.

Topics covered:

  1. Why experience is complicated
  2. Different modes of experience
  3. How to use modes in research and design
  4. Practical exercises applied to a case study

About the Speaker

Ben Reason is a founding partner of service design agency Livework. Founded in 2001, with offices in London, Oslo, Rotterdam and Sao Paulo. Ben is a pioneer of service design as a discipline, quickly becoming an internationally recognised authority on the subject.

Ben heads up the London studio, utilising Livework’s unique methods and approach, combined with his extensive experience working on different types of service across all sectors, for the benefit of UK and international clients. Ben’s experience prior to Livework spans the art, design and digital worlds, having worked at agencies such as razorfish and oyster partners.

Ben is a co-author of Service Design: Designing Useful, Usable and Desirable Services (Rosenfeld Media, 2012).